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ERIS has developed an inspection/survey management product called NSpect, which encompasses four components; survey submission, survey template management, ad-hoc reporting, and integration to SharePoint.   It is a full HTML5 compliant web based tool with mobile device access capabilities which allows users to access anywhere, any time.  It works directly with SharePoint 365 cloud, SharePoint 2013 on premise ECM environments. NSpect has the capability of automatically creating content types, libraries and metadata based on the inspection templates to store the PDF generated inspection reports with digital signatures. If required NSpect can also delegate the authentication and membership control to SharePoint.

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What Can NSpect Do:


  • Capture inspection data
  • Manage approvals
  • Report on critical analytics
  • Track, monitor, and manage tasks
  • Manage audits
  • Be able to pre-fill inspection forms with specific data


  • Manage the approval processes with tasks and workflows
  • Have documents with date/time stamped information
  • Able to attach photos and additional documents
  • Provide enhanced dashboards for presentations
  • Customise and standardise branding on everything