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ERIS SharePoint Migration Utility

ERIS developed a Microsoft Outlook (2010, 2013, and 2016) add-on e-mail integrator tool into SharePoint. This add-on product moves or copies e-mails and attachments (with an attachment stripping option) into SharePoint with a click of a button. It automatically carries the default e-mail metadata including forms to populate custom business metadata with a built-in search feature on SharePoint or any legacy database.

ERIS SharePoint migration utility automates file system migration into SharePoint including all the available metadata from a file system.   Through a built in file list generator component (CSV or XML), the migration utility is also capable of creating content types and columns on the fly via CSV or XML input.

ERIS has been offering SharePoint maintenance services to our clients for more than six years through our managed services contracts. We developed key SharePoint Maintenance and Administration components to help our clients to troubleshoot their issues and administer their SharePoint deployments in a more efficient way. Here is a list of some of these components:

SharePoint Record Closure

Updating values on documents based on content type (configurable content types-value mappings).

Set list to allow delete Web Part

Allows entering a list name and it will set the AllowDelete=true on the list.

Fix hidden columns Web Part

Fixes issue where moving documents via the content and Structure tool will expose hidden fields for editing on a list.

Set/Repair Templates Client Side Object Model App

Updates the templates on the content types to the default template URL if it got corrupted.

Disable Folders on Doc Set Libraries Client Side Object Model App

Will disable the creation of folders on any libraries that have document set content types applied.

Audit Log Viewer Web part

Easy way to view audit log.

Reconciliation Report Web Part

Provides reconciliation between database information and SharePoint.

Apply Content Types Client Side Object Model App

Ensures content types are applied to libraries.

Create Multiple Content Types Client Side Object Model App

Allows multiple content types to be created with a given parent belonging to a given group.

Taxonomy/Synonym Synchronization Client Side Object Model App

Takes alternate labels in the term store and applies them as Synonyms in the search engine.

Find Term Set Usage Client Side Object Model App

Returns the term sets that are in use for a given set of sites.

Update Content Editor Web Part (CEWP) Client Side Object Model App

Updates CEWP contents on given sites, lists and library pages.

Apply Security Client Side Object Model App

Bulk security update tool.

Publish Content Types Client Side Object Model App

Forces a republish to the Content Type HUB of all content types within specified content type groups.

Create Permission Level Client Side Object Model App

Creates or updates the controller and contribute permissions sets to have elevated permissions.

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