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Alberta Health Enterprise Content Management Implementation Project

The project scope was to create a unified content management system using Microsoft SharePoint as the front-end system with OpenText Content Server as the backend system.  OpenText  Application Governance Archiving (AGA) add-on product was selected and configured to move content to the Content Server system once the content is declared as a record on SharePoint.

The project tasks included communicating with the business units through workshops to determine the requirements, creating a design document from those requirements and then implementing the system based on the design.

The detailed work for the system involved the configuration of classification schemes and retention schedules within the Content Server product; creating the interface and user facing components in SharePoint; and finally configuring the AGA product to move the content from SharePoint to Content Server when the required conditions are met.

Also included is the analysis of the iRIMS physical record management system to provide recommendations and guidelines for migrating the data to Content Server in a future phase of the project.

Part of the role undertaken in the project includes providing technical training to the Alberta Health support vendors and providing technical UAT coordination and support.

This project also includes assistance and the related documentation around installing the AGA product onto the SharePoint environments.

From a Project Manager perspective ERIS orientated all Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Stakeholders as to the demands and risks of proceeding with an EIM solution.  ERIS provided leadership and deliverable development to ensure successful implementation of an Enterprise Content Management solution, inclusive of SharePoint, AGA, and OpenText Content Server.  ERIS also provided additional Enterprise Content Management Consulting regarding future records management requirements as well.